Jinal Ardeshna

HR Director

As the company’s HR Director and being in the industry for over 4 years, Jinal plays an important role in putting together the company’s current amazing team as she manages different strategies to ensure the organization reaches its business goals, as well as contributing significantly to the corporate decision-making process, which includes assessments for current employees and predictions for future ones based on business demands.

She graduated with BSc in Business Management and is also CA, CHRS qualified.

One of her favorite tagline about life is “You can only win the lottery, if you buy a ticket…”

Blog Articles By Jinal Ardeshna

baby staring

Pregnant? Stressed? Science Says Talk to Your Baby


Fact: Our emotions during pregnancy are experienced by our little ones; the scientific evidence proving this is growing.


Does that mean we shouldn’t experience stress during pregnancy? Does that mean we are failing as mums if we have stress and anxiety? The answer is NO.


It means pregnancy is a fabulous time to put relaxation practices into place, actively working to reduce our stress levels. Relaxation techniques include:

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girl sleeping



Red Miller, Midwife and Home Birthing specialist at Love Based Birth, shares with Expat Insurance her favourite methods for preparing your first born children for a new family member. The age of your child will dictate how much explaining is apart of the preparation and which of these suggestions are appropriate.


Try to include these elements into their preparation: see, hear, watch and learn.

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baby sleeping

Early Bedtimes For Your Baby Can Boost Health


Medical Insurance For Expats In Singapore GET A QUOTE

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Natalie Drummond

I’m having a baby! – What is the cost in Singapore?


Giving birth overseas is a big decision and whether you are planning a child or not, if there is a chance you could fall pregnant you should arrange maternity cover. Expat Insurance News catches up with Natalie Drummond, Private Client Advisor at Expat Insurance to discuss Maternity insurance for expats living in Singapore.


Question: Can I get Maternity insurance for myself and my unborn child once I fall pregnant?


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mother and baby

Can I Get Stand Alone Cover For My Baby From Birth?


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happy family

Can I Get Medical Cover for My Baby From Birth?


No you can't get a stand alone cover for your baby from birth unless you take out medical insurance for yourself. Insurers recognize that the vulnerability of newborns is typically within their first month and therefore newborn babies represent a much higher risk. If you want coverage to respond in the early days, you yourself need to be insured first to receive the benefit of a policy responding immediately following birth of your little one.


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