Jinal Ardeshna

HR Director

As the company’s HR Director and being in the industry for over 4 years, Jinal plays an important role in putting together the company’s current amazing team as she manages different strategies to ensure the organization reaches its business goals, as well as contributing significantly to the corporate decision-making process, which includes assessments for current employees and predictions for future ones based on business demands.

She graduated with BSc in Business Management and is also CA, CHRS qualified.

One of her favorite tagline about life is “You can only win the lottery, if you buy a ticket…”

Blog Articles By Jinal Ardeshna

Maternity Matters - Finding The Best Hospital For You

Maternity Matters | Finding The Best Hospital For You

Earlier in our maternity series, we covered the benefits and importance of what regular exercise does for pregnancy as well as how and what to consider when planning for a pregnancy. As part of continuing the series, we’ll be covering the factors you’ll need to look at prior to choosing a hospital and gynaecologist in […]

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