Travel Insurance For Extreme Sports and Activities


One of the terrific things about living in Singapore is the access that you have to so many adventure travel destinations. There are any number of places that you can retreat to that will test your limits a little more than a Phuket beach holiday and we can find the right policy so that you can do just that. If you’re planning on engaging in some extreme sports and activities, having a comprehensive travel insurance plan can provide you with a peace of mind. If you need any help, call us today and we can discuss your next adventures and how we will cover you on them.

From skiing to biking to trekking, we have heard it all and we can answer any questions that you might have about what you are covered for should you choose a holiday that’s a bit more active. The usual suspects are covered on these policies such as:

  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Unlimited Medical Evacuation
  • 24-hour Assistance Hotlines
  • Trip Cancellation & Curtailment
  • Luggage Loss, Theft or Delay
  • Personal Liability

Get In Touch For Expert Advice 

Navigating the travel insurance market can be challenging, especially for expats who’ve relocated here. Instead of missing out on all that Southeast Asia has to offer, we recommend that you get the right type of travel insurance, specifically for extreme sports and activities so that you can indulge without fear.

If you are unsure what you need, give us a ring. This is where our adventure travel specialists can swoop in and make sure that your preparation kit goes beyond breathable shirts and new pairs of trainers. If you (literally!) want to get off the beaten track, we will find a travel insurance policy that will allow you to do just that! Get in touch with our team today and talk to one of our experts!


If you are looking at doing something a bit more adventurous this holiday, give our team a call on +65 6401 9021 or let us know what you are after by leaving a message below. We’d love to help!


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