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Expat Insurance is an insurance broker specializing in advising and providing individual and corporate insurance solutions to a growing demand in the Singaporean market for coverage and protection across medical, general and personal lines.

Established in Singapore since 2009, Expat Insurance is a subsidiary of the Diot-Siaci Group, a leading French International Broker operating in 72 cities around Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia with an estimated turnover of over €700 million.

As well as individual insurance, we provide Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty solutions to some of the most recognised brands and largest companies in Singapore.


We have a well-established, experienced and specialized team of brokers who provide both local and global solutions and advice. A multi-lingual team of over 35 people, of which more than 25 are specialist brokers, are located here in Singapore in the heart of the city and serving over 2,500 individuals and corporate clients.

We are licensed by, and fully compliant with the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).


The story of Expat Insurance is a modern-day Singapore success story.

In 2009, our Founder, Danielle Warner identified a gap in the Singapore insurance landscape. There was a need for an insurance provider that offered specialist advice to the ever-growing number of expats moving to Singapore to work.

She created Expat Insurance and filled that gap. 

As the insurance landscape evolved here in Singapore, Danielle knew she could not be restricted by a narrow product range and needed to be able to offer a broader range of products and benefits.

Though most of our clients were in Singapore as an employee of a company a growing number were small business owners. As those small businesses became big business those clients looked to Expat Insurance to provide a broader range of products and services.

In 2013 MAS approved the registration of Expat Insurance as a Direct Insurance Broker. This enabled us to solve the Employee Benefits and general Insurance needs of our clients’ businesses. This was the beginning of the transformation of Expat Insurance, from an insurance agent to a Corporate Broker. Expat Insurance was then able to offer a full suite of corporate insurance packages.

In 2016, Expat Insurance was registered as an Exempt Financial Advisor, this allowed us to distribute life insurance, disability and critical illness policies to our growing base of private clients. Now, Expat Insurance has a full range of individual and corporate insurance products and packages available for our ever-growing private and corporate client base.

... & NOW

As Expat Insurance’s presence became more and more dominant on the Singapore landscape it came to the attention of MSH International, a global medical insurance provider. MSH International was wholly owned by Siaci Global Partners, a French based company and one of the largest general insurance brokers on the continent.

Both Siaci and MSH were looking for opportunities to expand their footprint into Asia and with an existing joint-venture operation in China, Singapore made the logical next step in their expansion plans.

In 2017 MSH International took a part-ownership of Expat Insurance which it then converted to full ownership from 1 January 2019.

In 2021 Siaci Global Partners and the DIOT Group merged. Two French powerhouses in the global insurance market came together to form The Diot-Siaci Group, becoming one of the largest unlisted broking houses in the world.

The Diot-Siaci Group is now the largest broker on continental Europe with operations in over 160 countries.


This merger is great news for Expat Insurance and Singapore. Whilst many of our contemporaries contracted during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, Expat Insurance grew and flourished.

The ‘creation’ of the DIOT-SIACI Group and the ultimate end of the pandemic means that Expat Insurance now has the resources and support to accelerate its transformation into a major player on the Singapore broking landscape.

During the pandemic we have grown our staff numbers and onboarded product and subject specialists in both Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty, sourcing some of that specialist talent from our parent in Paris.

We may not be a first-tier broker but our service and expertise is second to none. Our clients love that the support and service is personal, flexible, and they feel that they are well looked after, not just a number on a client line.



Expat Insurance was founded by Danielle Warner.  The company was incorporated and registered by ACRA in August of that year. Expat Insurance started life as an AXA Agency filling a void in the market and offer medical insurance and other GI products to Expats in Singapore


Seeking to expand its product range to provide a more comprehensive suite of products to its clients Expat Insurance is registered through MAS as a Direct Insurance Broker.  It now starts to offer Employee Benefits and Commercial Business packages to its ever-growing corporate client base.


Expat Insurance is now registered as an Exempt Financial Advisor.  We have been able to provide Group Term Life plans in the past, but now we can offer individual life, disability, and critical illness policies to our clients.


Siaci Global Partners, through its international medical insurance arm, MSH International takes a minority shareholding in Expat Insurance.


MSH International takes a 100% ownership of Expat Insurance


Siaci Global partner merge with the DIOT Group to form the DIOT-SIACI GROUP, the world’s largest unlisted broking house

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