A Guide to Moving to Singapore with Children

A Guide to Moving to Singapore with Children

Moving overseas is a big decision, and it’s one that can become more complicated when you have children. In addition to finding a new home and job, you’ll also need to consider your child’s schooling and well-being. How will they adjust to a new culture and climate? Will they be able to make friends easily? 

Younger kids may have an easier time adapting while older kids are likely to struggle more with leaving their friends behind. With a little planning, however, the process can be much smoother. We’ve previously discussed the things to prepare before moving to Singapore but if you are planning to raise your child in Singapore, you will need to take the time to prepare thoroughly and ensure that it will be a positive experience for your whole family.

1. Explore the schooling options 

One of the biggest decisions parents have to make is what kind of school to enroll them in: Local or international. Local schools can provide a more immersive experience, allowing your child to learn about the culture in Singapore and make friends with other children who are familiar with the area. Take note that if you are planning to enrol your child into a public school in Singapore, they will need to apply for a Student’s Pass unless they hold a Dependant’s Pass or an Immigration Exemption Order. 

On the other hand, international schools may be a better fit for kids who are struggling to adapt to their new surroundings as they can provide a sense of stability and community. International schools can offer a more familiar educational experience, with curricula that are typically aligned with what children are used to in their home countries. If your child is not fluent in English, international schools also usually take a bilingual or multilingual approach to education, which can help your child learn the language quickly. With more than 50 international schools in Singapore to choose from, be sure to explore the various options available that can provide the best learning environment for your child. 

2. Be familiar with the admission requirements

When that is done, it will be useful to know the school’s admission requirements before beginning the application process. This will save you time by allowing you to immediately eliminate options that are not a good match for your child. Each school may have a different set of criteria; some may require a placement test to assess your child’s academic abilities and ensure that they are placed in the appropriate class level. 

Others may need additional documents as part of the registration procedure, so it is essential to check what will be needed in advance. For example, they will need a passport-sized photograph of your child, a photocopy of both child’s and parents’ passports, teacher reference letters as well as the most recent official transcripts or report cards. Once everything is submitted, the school will review your child’s application and notify you of their decision. 

3. Know the start date of the application period

That being said, make sure to meet the application period of the shortlisted school to successfully secure a spot for your child. By knowing the start and end date of the application period, you can have sufficient time to gather the necessary documents and avoid any last-minute scrambling. Failing to meet the deadline can otherwise result in your child’s application being rejected, so it is crucial to plan ahead of time and align your move with it. 

Get started

With your child’s future school settled, you can then focus on other aspects of your relocation to Singapore. This includes getting comprehensive insurance coverage in your new country of residence. Life and medical insurance, for instance, can help to bridge the gap by providing access to quality healthcare and financial assistance in the event of an accident or critical illness. Even if you’re only renting a house in Singapore, it is also a good idea to insure your belongings with home contents insurance. Ultimately, insurance provides peace of mind – knowing that you and your family are protected against the financial consequences of unforeseen events. 

To safeguard your family’s new chapter in Singapore, feel free to reach out to Expat Insurance and learn more about our home contents insurance policies today. 

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