6 Reasons Why Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in Business

6 Reasons Why Employee Health and Wellbeing Matters in Business

It comes as no surprise that attracting and retaining talented professionals in Singapore is challenging. We believe that for businesses to thrive, leaders need to provide an environment that allows employees to flourish. More than ever, physical and emotional health is a priority for employees today. Incorporating a wellness program or health insurance for your employees are good approaches to ensuring that your team feels valued. As management, the health and well-being of your employees are essential to fostering fulfilment within the team. To help you achieve this, give us a call and our team of dedicated professionals can help you develop comprehensive employee benefits with insurance and wellness programs found in Singapore.

With a wealth of information and providers available on the market, finding a suitable employee medical insurance and benefits scheme can be tricky. Get started on complementing your company’s group health insurance plan by incorporating these 6 strategies that maintain well-being as a priority.

1. Promote Group Health By Encouraging Regular Movement On Top Of Company Insurance

Leaders can incorporate a 30-minute swap of sit-time with some physical activity in a day. At Expat Insurance, we do this daily with a weekly ‘stand-up’ meeting in place of regular sit-down conference meetings. We feel that it is one of the better ways to start off the work week!

Perhaps, you could consider giving walking meetings a go? A practice quite famously adopted by Steve Jobs, he claimed that some of his best ideas came to him during these regular walking meetings. Research has shown that regular movement – regardless of the intensity or frequency – has direct impact on our health. There are numerous benefits if we focus on increasing our Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) levels. With boundless initiatives out there, promoting good group health with a wellness program on top of any health insurance can be easy. Reach out today to understand how you can play a part in encouraging good health.

2. Make Healthier Choices to Complement Your Wellness Program and Health Insurance

Healthy employees are an asset to any team. Aside from a balanced diet of nutrition, incorporating regular exercise is pivotal to keeping your physical and mental health in good shape. Encouraging a healthier diet does not have to be complicated. Take a look at some of the ways you can encourage your employees to eat better:

  1. Provide a fridge so that employees can bring lunches from home.
  2. Getting a fruit subscription is one way to ensure you have a daily source of fruits in your office pantry.
  3. Making smoothies with a blender can be a great way to bond your team as well.

Including these small steps into your wellness program at the office can grow an awareness for nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. Complement your health insurance plans by taking active steps in educating and encouraging healthier choices in your team. Not sure of where to start? Get in touch with us today.

3. Include Team Activities To Support Employee Medical Insurance Plans By Improving Well-Being

Kick-start the day with short meditation or yoga classes. Our team at Expat Insurance have begun including 10 a.m. plank challenges to encourage a good start to the day. A wellness program that includes team exercise or meditation activities can complement the group health insurance by promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

As the age-old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. If possible, we also recommend offering free subscriptions to apps that encourage meditation, such as HeadSpace or Calm. These apps are useful in helping employees to refocus their energies with guided meditations – handy for a stressful day at work. Some insurers are proactive in offering employee benefits that include wellness and mental health options as part of their insurance plans in Singapore – let us know if this interests you and we can work through the plan together.

4. Offer Basic Health Screenings As Part Of Your Employee Medical Insurance Plans

Some companies offer basic health screenings regularly as part of their employee benefits and insurance schemes in Singapore. Oftentimes, these screenings are low in cost. Some government support programs provide free screenings as well. Encouraging better company group health can be easily accomplished by integrating this initiative into your insurance plan. Set the benchmark for a healthy team by starting today.

5. Get Affordable Yet Quality Group Health Insurance For Your Employees

When choosing between employers, employee benefits that include choice and flexibility in insurance plans are incentivise many in Singapore. Some of the options that demonstrate flexibility in choice include:

  1. The type of ward included in the employee medical insurance: 1-bed, 2-bed or 4-bed wards
  2. Type of Hospital: Private or public hospitals
  3. Employee Medical Insurance plans that include allied health benefits: Support early identification and prevention of diseases before they escalate.
  4. Co-payment of premiums via payroll or co-sharing of medical claims

If you are looking for bespoke plans, give us a call and we can tailor a group health insurance plan that best suits you and your team.

6. Introduce Smoking Cessation Initiatives Into Your Wellness Program to Support Health Insurance

Without a doubt, smoking has horrific consequences on your health and overall well-being. At work, smoking increases absenteeism. On average, smokers tend to take an average of 7.7 extra sick leaves and are less engaged at work. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than $156 billion in productivity is lost.

Protecting employee health with comprehensive medical insurance is a priority for the business. Find out how you can strengthen your company’s wellness program and improve the health insurance benefits for an engaged and fulfilled team.

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