5 Ways to Support Expectant Employees in a Pregnancy-Friendly Workplace

5 Ways to Support Expectant Employees in a Pregnancy-Friendly Workplace

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time for expectant mothers, but it can also be a difficult period of adjustment. For some, it could also be about updating their employers to discuss work accommodations in the next few months to come. To alleviate some of these worries, companies should implement policies that provide support for pregnant employees. 

So how can you make your workplace more pregnancy-friendly? This blog will explore how organisations can provide these resources and other important benefits for pregnant workers. 

Ways in which Companies can Support Soon-to-Be Parents at the Workplace 

1. Flexi-work

While most mums-to-be may continue to work until within one month of giving birth, take into account how some may have to follow their doctor’s advice when it comes to ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Whether it’s going for more regular check-ups or following specific care instructions, every person is different in terms of their pregnancy needs. Understandably, they may also experience morning sickness at some point during the pregnancy term and need a break at times. 

Especially as pregnant women can now register for the COVID vaccinations, it is all the more a crucial time for them to fully focus on their health. As an employer, be accommodating to any changes that may come up throughout the pregnancy term. Consider reducing their working hours and allowing for more flexible work arrangements if they sound out any concerns. This can also be an initiative worth extending to the rest of the company as part of your employee benefits policy.  

2. Nutritious snacks

If your office has a pantry, consider including healthy pregnancy snacks so your employees won’t have to pack extra for themselves when coming to the office. Ensure they get the essential nutrients such as folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A through citrus fruits and juices, nuts and milk to name a few. 

3. Maternity leave

Following the arrival of a newborn, this is an essential period for them to take good care of themselves post-delivery – especially if it was their first pregnancy. For Singapore citizens, it is mandatory for your company to give 16 weeks of maternity leave. With foreign employees, if they have worked for you for at least 3 continuous months, they are eligible for 12 weeks of maternity leave in accordance with the Employment Act. Additionally, all working dads, citizens, PRs, and foreigners are also eligible for two weeks of paid paternity leave. 

While your employees are entitled to these government-paid maternity leave benefits, you can consider including more leave days in addition to their maternity and paternity leave. The extra time can come in handy to cater to the changing needs of new parents whenever required.

5 Ways to Support Expectant Employees in a Pregnancy-Friendly Workplace 2

4. Ongoing support network

After returning to work, remember that this is still an important transition period for the new parents. For new mothers, they may need the time to breastfeed or pump for their child, for instance. Fathers, on the other hand, have to be available to step in to tend to the little one when their partner is occupied. During this time, you can allow your employees to continue working from home. Partner them up with someone so just in case they are unavailable, there is a colleague who is on standby to take on any immediate tasks at hand. 

That way, your employees can continue to perform at the best of their abilities and in the event they are unable to at times, work efficiency will not be compromised. With the right support, it will not be long before they can get back up to full speed and deliver performance. 

5. Manager training

Lastly, with all the above steps mentioned, it is important that managers know how to respond to a pregnancy from start to end. For instance, to adapt to the absence of an employee who is pregnant, managers will know that a pre-maternity meeting is required to make the appropriate arrangements with the rest of the team. 

Moreover, make sure expectant employees are also covered with comprehensive maternity insurance. They may overlook this amidst the baby preparations. But with the rising costs of healthcare in Singapore, maternity insurance is something that cannot be done without for their health and financial needs. Moving forward, in the event of any complications during the pregnancy, they are well-protected to get through it, worry-free. 

Show You Care with Expat Insurance

By taking the first few baby steps in creating a pregnancy-friendly workplace, your employees can feel comfortable and look forward to coming back to work. Your company also stands a better chance in retaining top talent and attracting potential employees. Find out you can provide the best support for your team at Expat Insurance today. 

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