3 Financial Benefits of a Pandemic Staycation

3 Financial Benefits of a Pandemic Staycation

When we think about vacations, we conjure up images of faraway, exotic destinations. However, much to everyone’s chagrin, 2020 has largely been a combination of staying home and self-quarantining with the pandemic lasting much longer than expected. 

We’ve now stayed home, either working or studying, longer than any other period in time. Effectively, our work-from-home arrangements have turned into a point of frustration. What was once a joy, is now a bemoan. With longer working hours and no end to the work day in sight, learning to set boundaries for our collective well-being has become harder than usual. However this needs to change – for our physical and mental health. 

What is the new normal anyway? 

As restrictions begin to ease, we find a way to bring the vacation back to you. Finding ways to destress and decompress is important. And, this is truer than ever this year. The Singapore government has been encouraging locals to book staycations. Not only is it a viable way to feed money back into the local economy and tourism sector, it is also the perfect way for those living and working in Singapore to rest and relax. 

What’s in it for you? We unpack how you can financially benefit from a well-deserved staycation now.

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1. You save money & time. 

Staycations are very much like vacations, except they come at a much lower cost. Albeit, you won’t be in an entirely new location – you can still enjoy the perks of a relaxed environment without the additional costs of a holiday. 

Minus the additional expenses you would have otherwise spent on travelling modes itself, you now have larger capacity to spend on higher quality hotels and amenities. You also get to use the money on activities and food you normally won’t patronise on any other day. Staycations also take the time spent travelling, waiting and queuing out of the equation. Used properly, your staycation becomes a rest and recharge session with your loved ones. 

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2. You get to revisit favourite local spots with a new perspective. 

During a pandemic, finding ways to decompress can be difficult without worrying about your finances. It probably is the case that you’d want to avoid spending money unnecessarily when the future feels uncertain across aspects like job security, health and overall stability. 

However, you still need to find an avenue for de stressing and the staycation offers you just that. One of the most overlooked aspects of a staycation is the familiarity it affords you. Being in a familiar environment can be a relief – you don’t have to worry about planning a detailed itinerary for the family. There is joy in rediscovering places! 

3. You give yourself the opportunity to truly unplug without worrying about spending too much. 

Understandably, spending on luxury items isn’t the biggest of our priorities during a pandemic. At times, we may even feel that spending on ourselves is an irresponsible or unimportant thing to be doing during an uncertain time. 

That said, taking time to unplug is not only important, but also necessary for a variety of other reasons – you need to give yourself time before you can completely invest energy into work again. According to a study by Harvard, 55% have reported feeling burned out and emotionally stressed during the work-from-home transition. Failing to take that break can work against you in the long run, especially during high stress periods. 

Staying healthy together | Expat Insurance Singapore 

Above all else, it is so crucial to keep protected during a time like this. On top of healthy eating habits, proper nutrition and strong emotional well-being, we believe that insuring your loved ones with a solid health cover – either in the form of a hospital insurance plan or gp insurance – will relieve you of worries. 

When you have all the necessary policies in place, taking time off to recharge becomes less stressful, knowing that your needs are insured for. To see how you can protect yourself and your loved ones, get in touch with our team at Expat Insurance Singapore today.  

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