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Expat Insurance is Singapore’s premier Insurance Broker for expats. We’ll get you and your family sorted out with medical, maternity, home, life, travel and car insurance. If you are starting a business here in Singapore, we can protect you, your employees and your business as well. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!


Our team of insurance gurus tailor insurance packages that are unique to you and your needs as an expat living here in Singapore. Many of us are expats ourselves, so we understand the need to feel secure and protected in your home away from home. As a subsidiary of MSH International, we work with our international partners and we have access to over 2000 products working with 27 insurers providing both local and international solutions that will get you the protection that you need at a level that you feel comfortable with. Whether it’s medical, maternity, home, travel or life, we’ve got you covered!


We know insurance like the back of our own hands but it’s looking after our clients that’s our key focus and what we do best. Since 2009 we have been keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing expat community in Singapore. We have been responding to those needs as they evolve, we listen to what people want and they love us for it.

In 2015, we went corporate and our Employee Benefits team was formed in a direct response to businesses being unable to attract and retain quality talent in Singapore. We’ve gone from a one woman show in the very early days to being voted Singapore’s Broker of the Year twice in both 2016 and 2017, manned by an office of 30 people and with a client retention rate of over 95%.


We can talk about how great we are until we are blue in the face. That's why we have asked some of our clients to take the stage and speak for us on our behalf:

For the past 2 years I've been using Expat Insurance, Marion did an amazing job in helping me to find the most suitable medical insurance according to my needs. She is always available when I have a question and very friendly and professional. Overall, I truly recommend Expat Insurance services to all expats looking for professional and dedicated customer service.


My son was born with severe complications and as a result suffered severe brain damage. The insurance provider we were with declined to cover him due to his condition. Expat Insurance went above and beyond for me to successfully source a new medical insurance for my son. Their dedication, understanding, compassion and professionalism made a very difficult situation more bearable for my wife and I. They epitomize the definition of customer service and professionalism and I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone…


I had a lot of difficulty finding an insurance broker that could help us in all areas of insurance given our non-permanent situation in Singapore. I was unsuccessful at finding the right policy for coverage of a newborn baby as most Singapore companies exclude them for the first 14 days. I was not looking for pregnancy coverage, but if the baby had to go to ICU, I wanted the baby to be covered. I have heard "horror" stories of expats in Singapore who ended up paying small fortunes as their babies were excluded.

I spoke to Expat Insurance and my mind was immediately set at ease. My consultant took the time to listen to me, found me a policy that addressed my needs, and although thankfully we did not need to use the benefit, as my baby was healthy, we had the protection in place. I have gone back to Expat Insurance for all of my insurance needs and I can't be more pleased. Danielle is a great "translator" of insurance terms into layman's English, she has access to many different insurance companies in Singapore and understands my personal situation.

The Expat Insurance office is located in Riverwalk near Central mall, just where people pick up their employment pass. The team at Expat Insurance has a lot of experience and is extremely professional. Just sharing with you all so you can avoid the headaches I went through.


Expat Insurance really are our own personal emergency service! The consistent level of service and professionalism you get on all interactions with them is nothing but excellent. They are not only friendly and customer focused but are proactive, knowledgeable and experienced whilst delivering customer service that is second to none, which is rare these days especially with language and cultural barriers. I really don’t think we would have been able to maintain our good moral and co-operation from our staff during some significant business changes without the additional and continued support from Expat's team on the ground who spoke to staff directly over the phone, via 121 meetings and presentations. They explain in layman’s terms and treat everyone with the same level of respect and are an extension to our university!. I have to say both Nur and Andrew are an asset to the business and we welcome all interactions with them.

Kelly Lovelock

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