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What We Do

Expat Insurance is Singapore’s premier Insurance Broker for expats. Our team of insurance gurus tailor insurance packages that are unique to you and your needs as an expat living here in Singapore. Many of us are expats ourselves, so we understand the need to feel secure and protected in your home away from home.

As a subsidiary of MSH International, we work with our international partners and we have access to over 2000 products working with 27 insurers providing both local and international solutions that will get you the protection that you need at a level that you feel comfortable with. We’ll get you and your family sorted out with medical, maternity, home, life, travel and car insurance. If you are starting a business here in Singapore, we can protect you, your employees and your business as well.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

What We've Done

We know insurance like the back of our own hands but it’s looking after our clients that’s our key focus and what we do best. Since 2009 we have been keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing expat community in Singapore. We have been responding to those needs as they evolve, we listen to what people want and they love us for it.

In 2015, we went corporate and our Employee Benefits team was formed in a direct response to businesses being unable to attract and retain quality talent in Singapore. We’ve gone from a one woman show in the very early days to being voted Singapore’s Broker of the Year twice in both 2016 and 2017, manned by an office of 30 people and with a client retention rate of over 95%.


What Our Clients Say

We can talk about how great we are until we are blue in the face. That's why we have asked some of our clients to take the stage and speak for us on our behalf:

I would like to thank you Melissa for being the most helpful insurance advisor that I’ve interacted with in my 22 years in Singapore. You have been really quick to respond to questions, you’ve followed up with me when I’ve let things slip, and you’ve demonstrated excellent understanding of our ...
'We had a very complicated situation which needed specific attention in understanding which insurance policy would best suit our needs. Sharon was incredibly helpful during this process and helped us to find the best solution possible. I would be happy to recommend her services and that of Expat insurance'
I’ve been using Expat Insurance since 2016. They’ve done a fantastic job in evaluating all the international medical insurance options for my family, and finding us a comprehensive solution that best suited our specific needs. In particular, I found their ability to compare complex policies across simple dimensions to be extremely helpful. They ...
Our employee health insurance was coming up for renewal and we had heard great things about Expat Insurance’s advice and services. We’d had the same benefits for many years and they just weren’t providing what we needed and hadn’t been receiving any proactive advice from our current broker. We decided ...
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Free Guide - Maternity

Free Guide: What You Need To Know About Having A Baby In Singapore And Maternity Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Expat Insurance

What kind of individual insurance plans do you provide for expats in Singapore?

 We provide a wide range of insurance policies for individuals in Singapore. Our range of individual insurance policies include Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Maternity Insurance. We also offer home and lifestyle related policies including Home Insurance and Travel Insurance. Our policies are tailored to suit expatriate individuals in Singapore, and are designed to support you so that you can enjoy your new life in Singapore to the fullest.

What kind of corporate insurance policies do you provide for expats in Singapore?

 Our range of corporate insurance policies support all types of businesses and business owners in Singapore. Selected policies include Professional Indemnity Insurance, Work Injury Compensation Insurance, and a wealth of Employee Benefit schemes to help you attract the best of the best.

How do I find out more about Expat Insurance’s policies?

Find out more about what we do in our About Us page, or check out our FAQs for detailed information. Reach out to us for a consultation today - we would love to hear from you!


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